license add

Adds a license. Permissions required: fc or a.

You can specify the license either by passing the license string itself to license add, or by specifying a file containing the license string. In a multinode cluster, add the license to one node (any node). Adding the same license to more than one node returns an error.


maprcli license add
    [ -cluster cluster name ]
    [ -is_file true|false. default: false ]
    -license long_license_string
Request Type POST
Request URL


Parameter Description
cluster The cluster on which to run the command.
is_file Specifies whether the license specifies a file. If false, the license parameter contains a long license string.
license The license to add to the cluster. If -is_file is true, license specifies the file name of a license file. Otherwise, license contains the license string itself.


Note: After obtaining a valid license file from your MapR sale representative, copy the license file to a cluster node, for example in the path /tmp/license.txt.

To add a license from a file:

maprcli license add -is_file true -license /tmp/license.txt