Checking the Status of Oozie

Once Oozie is installed, you can check the status using the command line or the Oozie web console. The <oozie_port_number> noted in the URLs depend on whether your cluster is secure.

Check Status from Command Line

Use the oozie admin command:
/opt/mapr/oozie/oozie-<version>/bin/oozie admin -oozie http(s)://<oozie_node>:<oozie_port_number>/oozie -status
The following output indicates normal operation:
System mode: NORMAL

Check Status from the Oozie Web Console

Point your browser to http://<oozie_node>:<oozie_port_number>/oozie

  • For non-secure clusters:
    Oozie url: http://<oozie_node>:11000/oozie
  • For secure clusters:
    Oozie url: https://<oozie_node>:11443/oozie