Starting Resource Manager

A Resource Manager for Myriad must be launched before the Myriad UI becomes available.

The initial Resource Manager is started from Marathon. In addition, only one (1) Resource Manager can be launched on a cluster.
Note: Starting the Resource Manager from the command line results in an error, see Troubleshooting Myriad for a workaround.

To start the Resource Manager:

  1. Launch Marathon with http://hostname:8080.
  2. Click on New App.
  3. Create a new application for the resource manager and specify:
    • ID - Default: rm
    • CPU - 0.2 minimum
    • Memory - 2048 minimum
    • Instances - 1 only
    • Command - env && yarn resourcemanager

    For example:

    Table 1. Application Parameters
    Parameter Example
    ID rm
    CPU 0.2
    Memory 2048
    Instances 1
    Command env && yarn resourcemanager
    Important: Only one instance of Myriad Resource Manager can be running. Scaling up instances (specifying more than one instance) may result in unpredictable behavior. Creating a new Myriad application from Marathon results in a new framework.
  4. Access the Myriad UI with <hostname>:8192

    If you have multiple nodes in your cluster, Myriad may be started on any one of the nodes. To obtain the Myriad host, access the Mesos UI (http://<hostname>:5050) and check the Active Tasks > Hosts panel.

    If the Mesos-DNS entry is added on your local machine, the host can be accessed with the following address: http://rm.marathon.mesos:8192.