Modifying Myriad Profiles

Myriad profiles can be changed and expanded depending on your requirements.

The following are the default Myriad profiles:

    zero:  # NMs launched with this profile dynamically obtain CPU/Memory from Mesos
        cpu: 0
        mem: 0
        spindles: 0
        cpu: 2
        mem: 2048
        spindles: 1
        cpu: 4
        mem: 4096
        spindles: 2
        cpu: 10
        mem: 12288
        spindles: 4

To modify Myriad profiles:

  1. Edit the myriad-config-default.yml file.
  2. For the profiles property, you can modify existing profiles and create new profiles
    For example, to add a "super" profile:
           cpu: 15
           mem: 12288
           spindles: 5
  3. Copy or update the myriad-configure-default.yml file on every node in the cluster.
  4. Restart the initial Resource Manager from Marathon.