Launching Myriad Services

The Myriad services are launched automatically and accessed from their designated ports.

Mesos master, Mesos slave, and Mesos Marathon services are launched automatically after configuration (running Myriad is launched once you run an initial Resource Manager, normally form the Marathon UI. In a browser, Mesos, Marathon, and Myriad are accessible (launched) from the following ports:

Table 1. Ports Used
Application Port
Mesos Master UI http://<hostname>:5050
Marathon UI http://<hostname>:8080
Myriad UI http://<hostname>:8192
Note: The Myriad UI is available once an initial Resource Manager is launched.
Note: If you have multiple nodes in your cluster, Myriad may be started on any one of the nodes. To obtain the Myriad host, access the Mesos UI and check the Active Tasks > Hosts panel.
MapR Control System (MCS UI) http://<hostname>:8443
Note: If your environment has both Mesos Marathon and Spark installed on the same node, a conflict occurs because the default port for both is 8080. To resolve this conflict, change the port for one of the applications.