Querying Topic Messages

Describes how MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka topic messages can be queried.

Time-based Querying

The consumer.offsetsForTimesAPI is used to get offsets in a topic-partition. This API takes in a Map of TopicPartition and timestamp. The offset is returned in an OffsetAndTimestamp object when offsetsForTime is called.

The following shows how the Map is constructed:
Long timestamp = 1522195205L;
TopicPartition topicPartition = new TopicPartition(topic,partition);

HashMap<TopicPartition, Long> offsetsForTimesMap = new HashMap<TopicPartition, Long>();
offsetsForTimesMap.put(topicPartition, timestamp);

// Invocation to offsetsForTimes
Map<TopicPartition, OffsetAndTimestamp> offsetForTimesResultMap = consumer.offsetsForTimes(offsetsForTimesMap);

Direct Querying

The Streams class is used to directly query topic messages. See the mapr streamanalyzer utility for a sample application that counts and queries topic messages.

  • The getMessageStore() APIs are used to get the DocumentStore object which represents the underlying topic messages for a specified stream.
  • The DocumentStore.find() APIs are used to query the messages that are in the DocumentStore object. While running find() on the returned DocumentStore object, message fields can be projected based on the specified field name.
Note: DocumentStore is a part of the open-source OJAI API.

The logical schema of each message is the same, where analytics applications can run queries on these fields. See Logical Schema of Messages for more information.