Developing Applications for Binary Tables

MapR Database provides a C API, libMapRClient and partially supports the Apache HBase 1.1 Java APIs for performing operation on MapR Database binary tables.

The MapR Database C API, libMapRClient, runs more efficiently on MapR Database and performs faster against MapR Database tables than the open source library of C APIs, libhbase, that is used to create and access Apache HBase tables. The libMapRClient header files are in this directory: /opt/mapr/include/hbase

MapR Database also supports all of the Apache HBase 1.1 Java APIs, except where noted in this documentation. For a number of critical Java APIs, for filters, and for comparators, this documentation explicitly lists what is supported, rather than what is not supported.

You can easily port existing applications that use the open-source version of libhbase or the HBase Java APIs to use MapR Database binary tables.

Current Limitations

  • Custom HBase filters are not supported.
  • HBase co-processors are not supported.
Note: Filters used with Scan operations support regular expressions. When you filter scans on MapR Database tables, you can use regular expressions that comprise the Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) library as well as a subset of the regular expressions that are supported in java.util.regex.pattern. See HBase Java Regular Expressions Support for a list of supported regular expressions.