Impersonation Example

This sample application demonstrates the capabilities of the new C API for impersonation.

The sample also shows how to use the API in your own programs. The application is located in the /opt/mapr/examples/interactive directory.

Prerequisite for compiling and running this sample application

Install the mapr-client package on the node where you will build the application. See Installing the MapR Client. If the mapr-core package is already installed, you do not need to install the mapr-client package.

Compiling this sample application

To compile and run this sample application, set the MAPR_IMPERSONATION_ENABLED environment variable to true and then read the instructions in the README file in the /opt/mapr/examples/interactive directory.

Though the application links against libjvm, a Java virtual machine (JVM) is not spawned. However, the libMapRClient does have Java dependencies.