Developing Applications for JSON Tables

As part of its support for JSON tables, MapR Database implements the OJAI API. The OJAI API provides methods for creating, reading, updating, and deleting JSON documents in MapR Database JSON tables. It is available in Java, and starting in MEP 6.0, also available in Node.js, Python, C#, and Go. MapR Database also provides a MapR Database JSON Client API for managing JSON tables and a MapR Database JSON REST API for performing basic operations using HTTP calls.

The following shows the general flow for developing an OJAI client application that accesses MapR Database JSON tables:

  1. Make a connection to MapR Database using the OJAI Connection and Driver interfaces.
  2. Request a MapR Database JSON table using the JSON DocumentStore.
  3. Specify the table, document, or column family operation.
  4. Perform the operation on the table.
  5. Return the results.

For additional information about OJAI, refer to the following:

The MapR Database JSON Client API, implemented in Java, enables you to create, drop, and alter MapR Database JSON tables and column families.

You can also use HTTP calls to create, delete, and query MapR Database JSON tables Using the MapR Database JSON REST API.

API Documentation

The following are links to the detailed API pages: