Using the Python OJAI Client

Starting with MEP 6.0, you can use the Python OJAI client to write MapR Database JSON applications. The client provides you with a lightweight library that supports the OJAI API. You can connect to MapR Database JSON, and add, update, and query documents in a MapR Database JSON table.

The client provides you with the following benefits:

  • Easy installation and use
  • Access to MapR Database JSON through the OJAI interface in Python
  • An OJAI interface that is tailored to Python developers
  • Use of Python types to manipulate MapR Database JSON documents
  • Support for Python multiprocessing and multithreading modules
  • Support for L3/L4 (transport level) and L7 (application level) proxy load balancing

To use the Python OJAI client, you must install the MapR Data Access Gateway on your MapR cluster. The gateway serves as a proxy for translating requests between the Python client and the MapR cluster. The gateway also performs data processing to keep the client lightweight. See Administering the MapR Data Access Gateway for information about how to administer the gateway and configure load balancing.

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