Impala 2.7.0 - 1703 Release Notes

Below are release notes for the Impala component included in the MapR Converged Data Platform.

Impala Version 2.7.0
Release Date April 2017
MapR Version Interoperability See MEP Components and OS Support.
Source on GitHub
Release Tag 2.7.0-mapr-1703
Hive support 2.1
HBase support 1.1.8
Package Names See Package Names for MapR Ecosystem Packs (MEPs).

New in This Release

This release of Impala includes new features and behavior changes that are specific to MapR. See New Features in Impala 2.7.0 for MapR for a complete list of new features and feature descriptions.

In addition to support on RedHat and CentOS, Impala 2.7.0 is also supported on SUSE 12 SP1. See MEP 3.0 Components and OS Support.


This release of Impala on MapR includes the following fixes. For complete details, refer to the commit log for this project in GitHub.

Commit Date(YYYY-MM-DD) Comment
15ab181a 2017-02-02 [MAPR-25934] Altering a partition no longer fails in Impala.
3cf7720e 2017-02-03 [MAPR-25985] Impala starts on SUSE clusters.
3cf7720e 2017-02-03 [MAPR-25988] Running COMPUTE STATS on partitioned tables no longer fails.
220a6d7f 2017-02-06 [MAPR 16579] The MapR Impala configuration script is no longer hard coded to use hadoop-2.4.1.
08cb0217 2017-02-17 [MAPR-26034] CTAS queries no longer remove all files from the /user volume.
2339fca5 2017-03-01 [MAPR-26182] Impala 2.7 works with Hue 3.12.
294d4c59 2017-03-07 [MAPR-26022] The Impala daemon starts on SUSE clusters.

Known Issue

Performance regression for TPCH query 10. See IMPALA-1.


See Impala Limitations.

Fixed Issues