Connecting to a ZooKeeper Cluster

You can connect Drill to a ZooKeeper cluster using a JDBC connection URL.

The following connection URL shows you the format for connecting Drill to a ZooKeeper cluster. The serverlist is a comma-separated list of servers in the ZooKeeper cluster, and clustername is the unique name of the Drillbit cluster that you want to use.

Note: You can locate the name of the Drillbit cluster in /opt/mapr/drill/drill-<version>/conf/drill-distrib.conf. The default name of the Drillbit cluster is drillbits1. The name is set by the cluster-id property. If you have multiple Drill clusters, you may want to override the Drillbit cluster name in drill-override.conf; however; first back-up your storage plugin configurations, as they may reset to the defaults when you change the cluster name. Restart Drill after you edit drill-override.conf.

Optionally, you can specify any of the connection properties supported by the driver. For a list of the properties available in the driver, see Drill JDBC Driver.

Optional Settings

The following example shows the structure of a JDBC connection URL:



To connect to a ZooKeeper cluster and authenticate the connection with Plain authentication (a username and password), you would use the following connection URL:


The Drill JDBC Driver documentation states that you can use the AuthMech or auth property to set the authentication mechanism in the JDBC connection URL. For the MapR-SASL, use the auth property.