Balancing Average and Below Average Bins

Although the chief utility of the disk balancer is to balance highly utilized storage pools in Overused and Above Average bins, the disk balancer balances storage pools that are less utilized, for example, to distribute workload evenly across the nodes or if a new node is added to the topology to add more storage. By default, the disk balancer performs this kind of balancing less frequently than the balancing of disk space utilization.

The disk balancer balances storage pools in Average and Below Average bins every 6 hours by default. You can configure the interval by the setting the value (in minutes) for the parameter dbal.below.avg.bins.balancing.frequency using the marpcli config save command. For example:

maprcli config save -values {"dbal.below.avg.bins.balancing.frequency":"360"}
Note: The disk balancer considers storage pools in these two bins only:
  1. When there is not already too much SP balancing activity in the highly utilized bins.
  2. If container movement out of SPs in the highly utilized bins is not possible.