About the MapR Reference Templates for Azure

The MapR reference templates for Azure contain the scripts and JSON templates for deploying a MapR cluster. You can use the reference templates without modification, or you can customize them to suit your environment.

The reference templates can be found on GitHub in folders organized by the MapR Installer version. To determine your MapR Installer version, see Checking the MapR Installer Version.

This table describes the Azure reference templates:
Note: For a given JSON file name, the deployment name in Azure is similar, but does not necessarily match the file names below.
Template Type Template File Name Function
Primary Template mainTemplate.json References the child templates that do segregated work to create Azure resources and deploy MapR software. This is where most of the defaults can be changed to customize deployments.
Child Template createUiDefinition.json MapR marketplace GUI implementation. This is a standalone file and isn't used to deploy MapR software. This file generates JSON from user input and then sends the JSON to the mainTemplate.json.
Child Template network.json Child template to mainTemplate.json. Creates a Virtual Network and Subnet when the option to create a new is supplied.
Child Template openvpn.json Child template to mainTemplate.json. Creates all VM resources for the OpenVPN server then executes the mapr-vpn.sh script.
Child Template vm.json Child template to mainTemplate.json. Creates all VM resources in the cluster, including the installer node. For password-enabled and public-key-enabled OS users only.
Script install_openvpn_access_server.sh Installs OpenVPN core to an Ubuntu 17 image.
Script mapr-cloud-configure.sh Installs MapR to the newly created VMs. The vm_xxx.json files will send parameters to this file to initiate a Stanza MapR installation. This file is run only on the installer node.
Script mapr-init.sh Initialization script that is run on all nodes in the cluster (not just the install node). For example, this script sets passwords and sudo access.
Script mapr-vpn-configure.sh Alters the configuration of the core OpenVPN to match inputs from the user.
Script mapr-vpn.sh Decides if OpenVPN has been installed and configured already. Since the templates might be run several times by expanding the cluster, this file will not attempt to install or configure OpenVPN if it has been done already.
Sample Stanza Input File mapr-core.yml Basic Stanza file. This file has several placeholders that mapr-cloud-configure.sh changes. For example, changes to services that are global across all types of deployments can be changed here.

Provided as a convenience for users who need a script-based tool to install MapR software. See MapR Installer Stanzas.