Using probe and import to Generate the Installer Database

If a cluster has MapR software installed but has no installer database, you cannot install or upgrade the cluster using MapR Installer Stanza commands. And you cannot use the web-based MapR Installer on the cluster. However, you can generate an installer database on a cluster by using the probe and import commands. Once the installer database is generated, you can use the web-based installer and all MapR Installer Stanza commands on the cluster.

Note: Using probe and import to generate the installer database is supported only on Release 5.2 and later. If you need to use this feature on an earlier MapR software version, please contact your support representative.
Note: If you are not sure if your cluster has an installer database, you can use the export command to generate a YAML file that describes the cluster configuration. See Exporting a Cluster Configuration.

Using probe

Before using the probe command, you must know the host names or IP addresses of the cluster nodes and the root user, which must be the same on all nodes. The probe command generates a template that will be used by the import command.

Note: Do not make changes to the probe-generated template file. After the installer database is created, you can use the export command to export a YAML for making changes.

In this example, the probing user, mapr1, probes an array of hosts (config.hosts) and generates a template file /tmp/location.yaml. The -u option provides login credentials for the MapR Installer. Note that the probing user must be able to do rpm and pkg queries and have permission to read certain files and directories within /opt/mapr.

mapr-installer-cli probe -n -o config.ssh_id=mapr1 config.ssh_password=xyz config.hosts='["hostname[1-3]","hostname7"]' -u mapr1:xyz@<installer_hostname>:9443 > /tmp/location.yaml
Note: The probe command can use various methods to determine the MEP version of a node. One method checks the MEP repo URL defined on the node. If multiple MEP repos are defined on the same node, the probe command ignores all of them and tries to determine the MEP version based on theMapR packages that are present.

Using import

The import command prepares the installer database based on the probed template file. This example imports the probed YAML template file from the previous example. -t specifies the location of the template file:

mapr-installer-cli import -n -t /tmp/location.yaml

After you use the import command, the installer database should be operational. You can then use the web-based MapR Installer or Stanzas to perform additional operations on the cluster. See MapR Installer.