MapR Installer Stanzas

This section describes how to prepare for and use MapR Installer Stanzas to install, upgrade, or uninstall MapR software.

MapR Installer Stanzas enable API-driven installation of MapR clusters. An extension of the Spyglass Initiative, MapR Installer Stanzas enable the creation of a YAML configuration file (a "Stanza") that describes a cluster. A command-line addition to the web-based MapR Installer allows you to execute the configuration file programmatically to automate new deployments.

You can use MapR Installer Stanzas when you need a script-based tool to install MapR software and you do not want to click through the menus and options provided by theMapR Installer. MapR Installer Stanzas provide less visual feedback than the MapR Installer, but they can be faster and more efficient at installing software on clusters with many nodes.

To use MapR Installer Stanzas:

  1. Review the Installer Stanza Prerequisites.
  2. Use the steps in Installer to download and run the script. Performing these steps installs both the web-based MapR Installer and the MapR Installer Stanzas feature.
  3. Review or edit the Stanza file. The Stanza file specifies the installation parameters for your cluster. See Working with MapR Installer Stanza Files.
  4. Run the MapR Installer Stanza file. See Running Installer Stanza Files.