Installing or Upgrading MapR Core Using an Installer Stanza

Use the Stanza install command to install Release 5.1 or later, install additional features, upgrade a cluster, perform a maintenance update, or apply a patch.

You can use the install command of the MapR Installer Stanza command suite to:

For the install command syntax and options, see MapR Installer Stanza Commands later in this section.

This example installs MapR software using the parameters specified in the sample_basic.yaml Stanza file. To run this command, you should be logged in as the mapr user. The -nv option specifies that certificates will not be checked and the output mode is verbose. The -toption, which is required, specifies the use of a template file:
./bin/mapr-installer-cli install -nv -t ./examples/sample_basic.yaml

If you are using a MapR Installer Stanza to install MapR software on a cluster that has never had MapR software installed (a fresh installation), it is recommended to create the mapr user on all nodes. You can create the mapr user by using the config.cluster_admin_password override. For example:

./bin/mapr-installer-cli install -nv -t ./examples/sample_basic.yaml -o config.cluster_admin_password=mapr
If you use the install command and an existing cluster is detected, the installer attempts an incremental install or upgrade using the parameters in the specified Stanza file:
  • For incremental installs, the installer does not check or verify the configuration.
  • You cannot add nodes or services during a version upgrade.
Note: If the password in the Stanza file or in the command contains a special character, such as an exclamation point (!), you might need to escape the character with a backslash (\). For example:
./bin/mapr-installer-cli install -u mapr:mapr\!@localhost -nv -t ../examples/sample_basic.yaml

If you do not want to include a password in the Stanza file, you can specify a value contained in a secured file. This example uses a Stanza file (sample_nopwd.yaml) in which the ssh_password line has been removed. The secured file (installer.cfg) stores the value of ssh_password as config.ssh_password=mapr. The contents of installer.cfg are piped to the install command via an override (-o -). You must include the - after the -o; otherwise, the file contents are not read.

cat examples/installer.cfg | ./bin/mapr-installer-cli install -nv -t examples/sample_nopwd.yaml -o -

To check the progress of the installation or upgrade, see Checking the Progress of Operations. For another example of using the install command, see MapR Stanzas (blog).

New Installation of Release 6.0 Secure Cluster Using Stanzas

To install a Release 6.0 secure cluster using Stanzas, you must add two parameters to the Stanza:
  • "true"
  • config.cluster_admin_password: "<mapr_user_password>"
For example:
  security: "true"
  cluster_admin_password: "mapr"
After the installation completes, secure=true should be set in the /opt/mapr/conf/mapr-clusters.conf file. This command should print the ticket details:
maprlogin print -ticketfile /opt/mapr/conf/mapruserticket
Note these considerations for installing a Release 6.0 secure cluster:
  • If you use a Stanza to perform a secure install, you must log out and then log in one time for the bashrc to take effect.
  • For non-bash environments, you must manually add the above epxort to your login profile.
  • You can use the probe command to detect whether a cluster is secure or not.