Getting Information About Services and Groups

Use the Stanza list command to get additional information about your cluster.

You can use the list command and its arguments to get information about the configuration, services, groups, hosts, and services in the cluster. While the list command provides the state of the cluster, list output is not suitable for incremental installs and upgrades. You must use the export command if you want to generate a Stanza file that can be used for upgrading.

This example displays a listing of all the services, groups, and hosts that were installed:
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list installed -n
This example lists all the groups:
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list groups -n
This example lists all the hosts:
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list hosts -n
This example lists the installation status for all the hosts:
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list hosts_install_status -n -u https://mapr:<password>@<installer_ip_addr>:9443
This example lists the services by template:
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list services -n --type TEMPLATE|more
You can use the list services command to learn about different kinds of services. For example:
Group Type Example Command
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list services -n --type CONTROL
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list services -n --type MULTI_MASTER
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list services -n --type MONITORING_MASTER
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list services -n --type DATA
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list services -n --type DEFAULT
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list services -n --type CLIENT
./bin/mapr-installer-cli list services -n --type MASTER