Installing MapR in the Cloud

Provides an overview of MapR cloud installer capabilities.

With the latest MapR Installer, you can deploy a MapR cluster in the cloud quickly and customize your deployment using HPE-provided reference templates. You can provision a cluster in Amazon AWS or in Microsoft Azure and take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

The following diagram shows the high-level architecture for a cloud-based MapR cluster:

MapR Installer tools and templates provide several options for provisioning the cloud and installing the cluster. These options vary in:
  • The time it takes to perform the installation
  • The level of customization each option supports
  • The complexity of the installation
The following diagram shows the different options for provisioning to the cloud and installing the cluster. These options allow you to customize your MapR deployments to meet your business goals and make it easier for you to pay for only the MapR software that you use.

Marketplace Offerings

MapR offerings for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure allow you to deploy MapR clusters quickly to test new features and software versions:

MapR Reference Templates

MapR reference templates assist in provisioning. You can use the templates as is or modify them to control the way your installation is provisioned. The reference templates both provision your instance in the cloud and install a MapR cluster to your specifications. For more information, see:

MapR Installer Web Interface

The MapR Installer allows you to install, add services, upgrade, scale, and gather information about your MapR on-premise or cloud-based cluster. You can use the Installer after your cluster is deployed, or deploy just the MapR Installer and use the web interface or MapR Installer Stanzas to customize your installation.

MapR Installer Stanzas

MapR Installer Stanzas give you a programmatic interface to perform most of the functions available in the MapR Installer web insterface. See MapR Installer Stanzas.

Custom Images

MapR tools allow you to build custom Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) or Azure VM images to meet additional security or software requirements for your environment. See Creating Custom Images.

Supported Operating Systems

Supported operating systems and MapR software for the cloud Installer are:
Operating systems RHEL 7.4, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7.4, SUSE 12 SP 2
MapR Core 5.2.2 or later
MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) 3.0.1 or later